I love working with the people in North Wilmington to get things done that will strengthen this community.  And, we still have much to do to repair our roads, protect families, reduce gun violence and improve our schools.  That why I'm running for re-election in 2020.  But, before we start campaigning next year, I'm your Senator!  And, a Senator for everyone in the District.  Let's work together to keep this community strong.  


Here's the rest of my story...


When my first husband, Phil, moved to Brandywine Hundred, our life's dream was simple. While working in our careers, we would raise a family and be part of a great community. For me, that dream was shattered when we learned that we could not have children; then, Phil was diagnosed with cancer and died. After my husband's death, my new challenge became adopting my nephew's three young children, who otherwise would have been split up in foster care. 


When I first asked for your vote and support to represent Brandywine Hundred in the State Senate, I wrote, "Life works in mysterious ways. Every family has its own story. My story continues as "Mom" to three wonderful kids."


But, you, the voters of Brandywine Hundred added another amazing chapter to my story when you entrusted me with representing you in the State Senate. Not only has it been an honor and a privilege to serve you, but it has also truly been a humbling experience.


We have lots of work to do over the next 12 month.  Our job is not done.  It's too early to begin campaigning when we have work that needs to get done.  Together let's restore tax breaks for seniors, support our schools and make our community safer. 



- Cathy


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