Cathy Cloutier has been a part of Brandywine Hundred since 1976 when she and her husband, Phil, moved here. 

While working for DuPont, Phil obtained his law degree by attending night school. Cathy became the regional manager of K&M Associates, a national jewelry and women’s accessory company. Always a team, they worked tirelessly for our community in the civic, nonprofit, and political arenas. Phil was eventually elected New Castle County President, and then State Representative.

Tragedy struck in 1998 when Phil passed away from cancer. Cathy was not the politician in the family, but Phil made Cathy promise to continue working toward their vision by running for State Representative. In January of 1999, when the roll was called in Delaware’s House of Representatives, there was a Cloutier to answer — this time it was Cathy.

Even before she took the oath of office in January, a phone call changed her life once again.​

Cathy’s nephew and his wife, who struggled with addiction, had three children.  The children, ages 5, 7, and 9, were in the care of Maine’s Department of Social Services. Years of neglect had left scars, learning disabilities, and other special needs.

What followed was a true test of Cathy’s character. Maine’s Social Services did not want her to adopt all three children to be raised by a single mother. Cathy’s reply demonstrated her character and persistence: “I want all three kids. Period.”  She won.  


She added raising a family to her duties of caring about our neighborhoods. Reading bedtime stories, taking them to school, shopping, driving the mini-van, helping with the homework — all became part of their daily routine.

Her real life experiences have led her to devoting significant time to issues affecting children and families. Protecting children is extremely important to Cathy.​


She worked with Former Attorney General Beau Biden on a series of laws that protect children from predators. As a result of her first hand experience with her own children’s challenges, Cathy is an aggressive advocate for programs to help children succeed.


Cathy’s membership on the Joint Finance Committee requires a substantial commitment of time besides her regular legislative duties. She also serves on various Senate committees with responsibilities for legislation effecting children and families, telecommunications, energy, insurance and labor relations.

Cathy’s first responsibility has been to represent us in Brandywine Hundred by understanding from us directly our concerns and views.


  • Cathy has always found the time to remain deeply committed to community activities.

  • Cathy has been commended for her work and diligence on addressing constituent problems.

  • Cathy attends our community and neighborhood meetings.

  • Cathy is an active member of the Candlelight Theatre and spearheaded the fund raising effort for the new stage.

  • Cathy works with other community groups include the CCOBH, Delaware Breast Coalition, lifetime member of Girl Scouts and Assistant Troop Leader, League of Women Voters and sponsored an Adopt-a- Highway project.


Cathy will continue to rise above the politics of Dover to fight for the issues that matter in our community.


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