Cathy wants to hear your voice! 


From the comfort of your front yard, a chat in Cathy’s front yard, or chat over the phone, enjoy 15 minutes of conversation with Senator Cathy Cloutier! Cathy looks forward to learning about you - and the issues that matter to you.

Invite up to 6 socially distanced guests! BYOC and Cathy will bring hers! 

Connecting with all of you has been such a source of inspiration for me during my time serving as your Senator - and a crucial aspect of my service to you. Like so many of you in Brandywine 100, I miss connecting with people at sporting events, artistic performances, yard sales, fundraisers, civic association events, and more at COVID-19 endures. 


Election Day is less than 100 days away, and I hope have your support! I want to connect with you - safely - to hear your voice on the issues impacting your family. I hope this conversation will connect you with me as a resilient woman, mother, wife, community volunteer, and most importantly - an effective State Senator. 


Together, we will discover balanced solutions to the challenges we face that will create fairness for everyone in Brandywine 100! 

Book your Chat with Cathy!

  • I'll bring my lawn chair your address, and we can connect - safely!

    15 min

  • You bring your lawn chair to my house, and we can connect - safely!

    15 min

  • Let's skip the chairs, and chat safely over the phone!

    15 min

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Scheduling conflicts may arise, and we will do our best to reschedule your appointment as quickly as possible! 

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