Some Truths are Hard...

While Kyle continues to distort the truth of my record...I have been busy delivering results for the people living in Brandywine Hundred. 

No matter how Kyle attempts to misrepresent this: I WAS the deciding vote to make marriage equality the law in Delaware & was previously endorsed by Stonewall for my support. 

Also, Democrats did not have the votes to bring the assault weapon ban debate to the floor of the Senate. I have pledged to do just that. READ HERE

Fighting for public schools? I always have delivered for our students, teachers & staff. That's why I am the candidate endorsed by the Delaware State Educators Association. Not only must we increase our funding for schools - we should be expanding funding for Pre-K for all children in Delaware. 

Rebuilding from COVID-19? While Kyle continued to campaign day in and day out, I temporarily switched the efforts of my campaign team to helping our community. Isn't that true leadership? READ HERE 

Sadly, my opponent would rather take time to spread lies about me than discuss what she will do to help & protect Seniors. She never details how she will "raise the minimum wage" without destroying our small businesses during the ongoing economic downturn. 

Most importantly, she fails to mention that she is going to Dover for one reason only: to represent only one party & the people who support it. 

Brandywine Hundred deserves a Senator who can listen to everyone & build consensus to deliver results that work for everyone - not just some.