"My late husband, Evan Anderson - encouraged Cathy to run from office for day one because of her heart & compassion. When he was hospitalized in Philadelphia, Cathy would visit him.

More than that, Cathy would give me rides to visit him - and help me care for the young boys in my family as we struggled with his health until his passing." - Janice Anderson

Time and time again, it's amazing to learn how many people Cathy has helped through difficult times.

That's just Cathy. She delivers when it matters most for the people of Brandywine Hundred.

Common sense. That’s what drives my decision making in Dover. Not political party demands. Not fear. Not distracting noise from Washington, D.C.

Simply, does my “yes” or “no” vote for a bill make life even better for those of us living in Brandywine Hundred - and all Delawareans?

That’s why I have voted - with an independent voice - for hundreds of bills which protect access to affordable healthcare; expand quality education; preserve the rights of women; safeguard our Seniors & most vulnerable populations; stops discriminatory practices based on gender, orientation, or race; ensures our environment remains clean & safe, and more.

As a mom, wife, widow, caregiver, community volunteer - I understand how it feels to walk in your shoes. We’re in this together.

I have always been here for you...and by November 3, I hope you will vote for me to remain your effective, resilient, and balanced State Senator.

Delaware’s Primaries are over, and I was so excited to put up campaign signs up throughout Brandywine Hundred today. People have one main question for me: Cathy, why are you running again?

Simple - I have spent my entire life working to ensure Brandywine Hundred remains one of Delaware’s best communities to live & work.

As we face yet another unprecedented time, I simply couldn’t walk away from the challenges we face to ensure fairness, safety, and progress continues for this diverse community.

I will continue delivering balanced solutions as your Senator.

As neighbors, I am proud of everything we have accomplished together over the years. Even as challenges appear, we unite together to ensure we remain a strong community.

We’ve protected the vulnerable. Made a more equal world for all. Supported small businesses. Preserved open spaces.

I believe that the residents of Brandywine Hundred deserve a dedicated & experienced Senator to enact the improvements we wish to see for the world...and I have proven my ability to deliver results.

I hope to have your vote by November 3rd!

Grab signs for your home or business - cathycloutier.com!