Common Sense Gun Reform

Let me be clear: I am not the reason that Democrats, in majority power, did not ban assault weapons.


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My opponent is misrepresenting the truth. I never blocked this legislation.


Here’s a timeline of the Assault Weapon bill in the Senate. 


June 6, 2018: Democrat Dave McBride assigned the assault weapon ban to the Senate Judiciary Committee. I was not on this committee. Democrat Bruce Ennis joined 2 other Republicans and voted to kill the bill.


June 19, 2018: Senate Democrats refused to revise the bill. Instead, they pushed to change the rules of the Senate to rush this bill to the floor. Two Senate Democrats, including Bruce Ennis, joined other Republicans in bipartisan opposition to prevent debate on this bill 10-9.


I was not present for this vote as I was in the ICU battling pneumonia. Even if they wheeled by hospital bed onto the Senate Floor, my vote would not have delivered a decision on this bill. Let’s face it, the other Republican - Senator Hocker, if present, would had voted against this measure. 


April 9, 2019: a nearly identical bill came before the Senate Executive Committee. Democrats Dave McBride did not even permit this bill out of committee noting support for this bill was “non-existent”. No vote was taken. 


Knowing they did not have support for this questionable bill, this time - the Senate Democrats did not move to bring the bill to the floor like they did in 2018.


My Pledge

I do want clear & effective legislation that bans for several dangerous assault weapons. When re-elected, I will make sure that a better version of this bill is created & debated on the Senate floor. 

My Actions

I have supported numerous common sense gun reforms including: banning bumpstocks, increasing penalties for straw purchases, the Beau Biden Gun Violence Bills, and more. (See Here)


My opponent is bringing the worst of politics directly into our neighborhoods. Fear. Distortion. 


In the middle of a difficult economic recovery during the COVID-19 epidemic and with our schools still partially closed, my opponent is desperate to make this election about assault weapons to avoid revealing her true agenda. 

Your choice is clear on November 3. 


Brandywine Hundred deserves a Senator who will not mislead or misrepresent the truth.


You deserve a Senator who is focused on various issues that impact Brandywine Hundred - not just divisive issues. 


That Senator is Cathy Cloutier.