Choices define our character

Choices define our character. As COVID-19 impacted Brandywine Hundred this spring and Summer - I had the choice of focusing on being your dedicated Senator - or - being a candidate and focusing my re-election. For me, the choice was simple.

Within one day of Governor Carney declaring the State of Emergency, I shifted the efforts of my campaign team to respond to the unfolding challenges related to the pandemic.

We recruited over 100 volunteers to deliver for Meals on Wheels to people at home as Senior Centers were closed. We scrounged up & distributed over 4,000 masks for front line workers. We collected food to fill 7 local banks. We delivered donated meals to first responders & nurses.

While some campaigns were still busy making phone calls & sending campaign fundraising emails, I suspended campaign phone calls, most fundraisers, and sent solely COVID-19 informational emails with the ever changing updates.

I spent months working from home with the Governor's Office & leaders across this state to keep our community as safe & healthy as possible.

I hope my leadership & action during this unprecedented time is a reminder of what it means for me to work for all of you.

I hope to have your vote by November 3.