Common sense.

Common sense. That’s what drives my decision making in Dover. Not political party demands. Not fear. Not distracting noise from Washington, D.C.

Simply, does my “yes” or “no” vote for a bill make life even better for those of us living in Brandywine Hundred - and all Delawareans?

That’s why I have voted - with an independent voice - for hundreds of bills which protect access to affordable healthcare; expand quality education; preserve the rights of women; safeguard our Seniors & most vulnerable populations; stops discriminatory practices based on gender, orientation, or race; ensures our environment remains clean & safe, and more.

As a mom, wife, widow, caregiver, community volunteer - I understand how it feels to walk in your shoes. We’re in this together.

I have always been here for you...and by November 3, I hope you will vote for me to remain your effective, resilient, and balanced State Senator.