Roads & Infrastructure 

I will continue to improve the roads, draining & infrastructure in our community! 

Let's set the record straight: Kyle Evans is lying again. 

I did not “give away” money to Republicans to sacrifice road, drainage, and infrastructure improvements in Brandywine Hundred.


In order to complete projects a year SOONER than planned...

I borrowed $160,000 from Senate colleagues with the promise to return the funds ASAP.


The projects, which were completed sooner because of my action, include:

  • $79,494 to pave Old Orchard Road in Buckingham Heights

  • $54,981 towards a portion of paving on Pennington Drive in Brandywood

  • $25,525 to pave Piper Road in Graylyn Crest


On July 6, 2020 – I simply returned the money to the Senators – a standard operating procedure.


This was NOT a shady political favor - or misuse of funds, as my opponent tries to make it appear. This is what SHOULD happen in Delaware – neighbors helping neighbors to improve our communities.


With 20 years of experience in government, I know how to get things done in Dover to benefit Brandywine quickly as possible.  

Yet, my opponent distorts this truth to only benefit herself.


If Kyle is willing to lie this often…


What else will she lie about to Brandywine Hundred?