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Who is Cathy?

As a single mom, wife, widow, caregiver, volunteer, philanthropist, and most importantly - an accomplished State Senator, Cathy Cloutier understands the needs of Brandywine 100's diverse citizens. 


She has been a part of Brandywine 100 since 1978 when she and her late husband Phil relocated to North Wilmington. The Cloutier’s tirelessly championed the needs of this community in the civic, nonprofit, and political arenas.


Since 1998, voters have repeatedly sent Cathy to Dover to represent their needs. Why? Cathy listens to their voices and champions common sense solutions to the challenges facing Brandywine Hundred. 

Cathy’s character can be described in three words:

Effective. Resilient. Balanced. 


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Cathy has dedicated her entire life to serving our community with passion. 


  • Sponsored, supported, & voted for hundreds of bills which have positively impacted Brandywine 100, including: the Good Samaritan Bill, Women’s Equal Rights Amendment, SMART 911, the Grace Firestone Act, and more.


  • Served on various Senate Committees and Public Service Commissions. 


  • Donated & volunteered to support numerous of charitable efforts in the Brandywine 100, including: the restoration of the Candlelight Theatre, the Arden Club, school booster organizations, delivering food to vulnerable citizens weekly, and more.


  • Received recognition for her passionate work as Legislator and citizen from several organizations. 

Cathy possesses the strength & wisdom to navigate any challenge our community faces.

  • Cathy endured the tragic loss her beloved husband, Phil, in 1998.  Phil had served as New Castle County Council’s President and was serving in the House of Representatives at the time of his passing. Cathy promised to make Phil’s vision for the community her own, and was elected to serve in his seat. She has maintained her promise to Phil for two decades…and counting. 


  • One phrase changed Cathy’s life forever: “I want all three, period.” She fought Maine’s Department of Social Services to adopt three neglected & abused siblings aged 5, 7, and 9. Cathy became a dedicated single mother to three children who faced an uphill battle. Cathy understands the challenges facing children and acts to create a safer community for them. 


  • Cathy sacrificed higher education opportunities to pursue a career which could financially support Phil’s dream of becoming a civic attorney. Her experience as a Regional Manager for a women’s accessory & jewelry company, along with other jobs, proved to be invaluable. Cathy empathizes with those who make sacrifices every day to ensure a brighter tomorrow for their family and friends. 


  • From Phil, to her mother Bessie, to her second husband Ed, Cathy cares for her family with tremendous compassion. There’s never an issue to big to tackle. She understands the necessity to care for our most vulnerable citizens. Cathy works tirelessly to protect the well-being of the most vulnerable and Seniors. 

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Cathy Cloutier_Website Pieces-25.jpg
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Cathy has a record of being Dover’s most independent & open-minded Senator. 


  • Cathy connects with voters by listening to their voice - and in combination with her independent conscience, makes choices that empower our community. 


  • Cathy believes the answers to the issues we face today will be discovered by listening to diverse points of view and creating unifying solutions to differing opinions - not adhering to a singular political view. 

Cathy Cloutier_Website Pieces-25.jpg
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