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Why I am Running...


I am Cathy Cloutier, your Senator for Brandywine 100. Since 1998, I have championed positive changes on many issues in Dover that matter to you, including: healthcare, education, housing, equality, common sense gun control, transportation, local community issues, and more. 


I am running again to be your Senator because I am more inspired than ever to deliver balanced and necessary solutions to ensure fairness for all who live in this diverse community. 


A lot has changed, but our core values to create a safe community to raise our children in and protect Seniors & the most vulnerable - remains as relevant as my first day as your Senator. 


As we face the ever evolving issues of a global pandemic and social issues including access to health care and climate change, I don’t have a crystal ball to predict the exact issues we may be forced to tackle.


However, this much I know:  the answers to the issues we face today will come by listening to diverse points of view and empowering each other through inclusive discussion which produces unifying resolutions to differing opinions. 


The answers will not come by narrowing our thinking to one singular political view. 


I will always listen to you - my constituents, and in conjunction with my own independent conscience, make choices that create a positive impact on our community. I will relentlessly continue to champion the issues which matter most to you and your families. 


I have the experience to be ready to serve you on day one.


With your support - you will send a  effective, resilient, and balanced Senator back to Dover once again to represent your values and respond to your needs here in the district.

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